The ARC Corporation has sent you on a mission. You are a top-of-the-line repair robot sent to defend and repair a surveying ship as it traverses a bizarre alien planet.

Do you have what it takes to ensure the mission is successful?

The ARC Corporation has sent you on a mission. You are a top-of-the-line repair robot sent to defend and repair a surveying ship as it traverses a bizarre alien planet.

Do you have what it takes to ensure the mission is successful?
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Learn what your mission for ARC is really about.

ARC Corporation

ARC Corporation is an intergalactic multi-industry conglomerate. In the year 3001 AD, ARC suffered from a steep decline in stock prices. To combat this, the company decided to expand their subsidiary, ARC Hotels, to planets in uncharted space. This requires them to send scout ships to survey these planets and find suitable building locations. ARC Corporation was required to develop a new ship, The Odyssey 4901; a ship more powerful than preceding versions.

Onboard Maintenance Robot
O.M.R. The Player:close

The Onboard Maintenance Robot is a robot that accompanies the Odyssey 4901. The O.M.R. is trained to defend and repair the ship. This robot is programmed with complex artificial intelligence to ensure it has human-like decision making skills. O.M.R.’s are trained in simulators which create authentic real-world situations in an artificial environment.


The Odyssey 4901 is the newest model of the Odyssey scout ships. This ship is used by ARC Corporation to survey unexplored planets for intergalactic hotel construction. Its unconventional shape makes it optimal for 360 degree environment scanning.
It runs on a futuristic warp engine allowing it to reach up to 1000 light years per hour; however it can move as slow as 10 KPH while surveying the environment.
Similar to other Odyssey models, the 4901 comes equipped with a Digital Assistant for Vehicular Exploration Unit (D.A.V.E.), as well as an Onboard Maintenance Robot (O.M.R.). Robots are used as the crew instead of humans because of the dangerous nature of uncharted space exploration.

Technical Specifications:
Manufacturer ARC Corporation
Model Number 4901
Dimensions Radius – 7.3 m x Height – 11 m
Engine Type Warp
Propulsion Type Hover
Power Source Concentrated Black Hole
Weapons Dual Pod Blasters
Crew D.A.V.E. unit, O.M.R.
Cargo Capacity 0
Mass 12,000 kg
Floors 3
Max Speed 1000 LY/h
Surveying Speed 10 km/h
D. A. V. E.
close D.A.V.E.

The Digital Assistant for Vehicular Exploration or "D.A.V.E" acts as an assistant to the O.M.R, feeding it data on the ship's status and the surrounding environment. Unlike older models of the Odyssey ship, D.A.V.E also serves the purpose of navigating the ship. This allows the O.M.R. to focus solely on the maintenance and defence. D.A.V.E takes the collision deterrence data from the Odyssey's sensors to determine the best possible path to travel.


PlanetXXXX is a simulated planet used to train Onboard Maintenance Robots (O.M.R.). The planet was created to replicate the typical features and dangers of extraterrestrial planets. The predominant sentient life on the planet is the Urk species.

Diameter: 2,567 KM
Atmosphere: Lighting Storms, Meteorite showers, Dense Fog
Predominant Fauna: Urk
Predominant Flora: Spotted Aclomond, Orb
Vine, Spiked Dandelion, Blood Prene
Moons: 1
Gravity: 7.341 M/S2

Primary Terrains:

Outbacks, Canyons, Volcanic Caves, Plateaus
  • Outback

    Mountainous region containing short, stubby, and dry vegetation.
  • Canyon

    Rocky canyon region, the rock formations indicate that there once was liquid flowing through the gorge.
  • Volcano

    A volcano with a cave system - home to the Urks.
  • Plateaus

    A cliff area surrounded by tall plateaus. Be careful you don't fall off into the abyss of space!

Inhabitants: The Urk

The Urks are a primitive, violent, reptilian species indigenous to PlanetXXXX. They are the only sentient life on the planet. They are capable of creating crude technologies like blaster cannons, and hover cycles. Urks tend to dwell near large heat sources.

They are grouped into the following 2 Classes:

Urk Shooter

These Urks are equipped with a handheld canon that fires molten rocks at intruders. This Urk is typically found in groups near heat sources and are very cautious about unexpected visitors.

Urk Speeder

These Urks are equipped with a hovering single passenger vehicle for travelling at enormous speeds. They have only one goal in mind - protect their habitat. These Urks will attack relentlessly at potential threats.


Eric Aylward

Project Manager
Interaction Developer / Designer

Mark Brouwer

AI Developer
Special FX
Interaction Developer

Akito Roberge

Level Designer

Tomiwa Aina

Lead Modeller
Character Design

Patrick Stevens

Game Mechanics
Audio Engineer
Interaction Designer

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